Powervault works with qualified electrical installers around the UK. Powervault will only offer electrical installers ‘approved’ status once they have passed the trade background checks and have successfully installed their first Powervault in a customer’s home under Powervault’s supervision. Warranty claims and servicing on existing Powervaults are only valid if the Powervaults were wired into customers’ homes, connected to the internet and registered online by an approved installer. Customers can check the details of their nearest approved Powervault installer by inputting the installer’s unique ID number into the ‘Check Your Approved Installer’ search tool.




Become an approved Powervault installer

powervault approved installer badgePowervault works with accredited solar installers across the United Kingdom to ensure that every installation is installed correctly and efficiently. If you are interested in becoming a Powervault installer please get in contact with us.

Apply for Powervault installer accreditation

Register a Powervault

Register your customer’s Powervault to give them access to the online Powervault portal and place their Powervault under warranty.

Register a new Powervault 3 installation

Check your approved installer details

To check the contact and trade details of your nearest approved Powervault installer please type in their unique ID number into the search tool.

Check installer ID

“We have investigated all energy storage solutions that have come to market over the past five years and have never seen anything like Powervault; it is easy to install, it’s attractive and, above all, it’s low cost”

Niko, Founder & MD, Greenman Solar

“We constantly get asked questions about energy storage from people with solar panels on their homes; without hesitation we introduce them to Powervault, which we have on display in our showroom. The fact that Powervault is competitively priced and compatible with all solar PV systems means that it has a lot of clout in the market place. And, for the customers, it is not just the fact that Powervault will ensure they reduce their electricity consumption every day; Powervault’s unique British design, with its intuitive light display, also makes it stand out amongst its competitors”

Adrian, Sales Manager, Chelsfield Solar

"Powervault do everything they can to make sure customers are happy and their energy storage system is working perfectly; one of Powervault's engineers drove from London to North Yorkshire to meet us at our first Powervault installation, train our electricians and ensure everything was operating correctly for our customer"

Lee, Managing Director, Fusion6 Electrical

“We have now installed a number of Powervaults in homes in the North of England and are always impressed by the support we get from the Powervault team should we come across anything unusual in the installation process. Saying that, Powervault is really easy to install in our customers' homes and, with its unique LED light display, quickly understand if it is installed correctly and working properly”

Geoff, National Sales Manager, Genelec Renewable Energies

“I installed my first Powervault as a retro-fit to an existing solar PV system. It was really simple and quick to install, despite the awkward location on the first floor under the stairs. Powervault’s engineers also attended the installation and ensured everything was connected correctly and working. I am very grateful for their support and training and I now feel confident about installing more Powervaults in the future”

Conor, Electrician, D&J Roofing

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