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Solar batteries with smartSTOR™ Now available at 0% VAT

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More than just Solar Savings

Everyone loves using their own solar-generated energy — it's green, cheap and independent of the grid.

Powervault's smart solar battery systems with smartSTOR™ work harder, saving an average of 80% more than solar storage alone



Store solar energy to save money.

Unlock off peak energy storage.

Modular design to match your needs.

Intuitive portal for monitoring.

Protection against power cuts.



From the 1st of February installing battery storage will be VAT free when retrofitting into existing solar array systems.

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Powervault for your home

Enjoy seamless integration of renewable energy into your home with Powervault. The energy storage systems in the new Powervault range capture and store excess energy from your solar panel system or wind turbine, ready to be used when you need it.

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Powervault for your business

Power your business with smart and sustainable energy solutions from Powervault. Our intelligent energy storage systems can help businesses manage their energy consumption more effectively, reducing operational costs and carbon emissions.

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Our team of UK energy experts are here to help. Contact us to learn how to customise your personal storage solution using Powervault's modular system.


Reduce your electricity bills

Powervault stores your surplus solar power and low-cost electricity from the grid, supplying your home more cost-effectively. Powervault's intelligent software is compatible with time-of-use electricity tariffs, including Octopus Agile.

Make the most of feed-in tariffs

Maximise the benefits of the feed-in tariffs. By storing excess solar energy, you can save it for when the sun isn't shining. This optimises your energy usage, saving you even more on your electricity bills.

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It's not just customers our smartstor™ tech is impressing...

Why Powervault?

Conserve power. Cut carbon. Choose Powervault.

Powervault does more than store energy; it's your ally in the fight against climate change and the drive towards a sustainable future.

  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Balances and supports the grid
  • Accelerates transition to cleaner, greener energy
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Track your usage on-the-go

Monitor your energy usage and control your Powervault and spending via any device. Powervault’s portal gives you a complete picture of your energy production and usage every moment of every day, live and historical.

  • • Real-time tracking and historical data
  • • Easy control over your Powervault settings
  • • Available on all devices for convenience
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Our training programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge and support to ensure each installation is top-notch.

By teaming up with Powervault, you become part of a growing community of certified installers across the UK. If you're ready to broaden your business horizon with a trusted partner, join the Powervault installer programme today.

  • • Direct collaboration with the Powervault team
  • • Comprehensive training and technical support
  • • Opportunities to expand your business offerings
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Energy storage system FAQs

  • What is renewable energy storage?

    Renewable energy storage involves capturing energy generated from renewable sources, like solar or wind, and storing it for later use. Powervault is an energy storage system that allows you to save money by storing renewable energy and using it during peak tariff periods.

  • What is the cheapest way to store renewable energy?

    The most cost-effective way to store renewable energy currently is by using lithium-ion batteries. Powervault uses advanced battery technology to provide affordable energy storage solutions for your solar PV system.

  • How long can you store renewable energy?

    The duration renewable energy can be stored depends on the storage technology used. In the case of lithium-ion batteries used by Powervault, energy can be stored and used over several hours, often sufficient to cover peak usage times in a home or business.

  • How much does a solar battery storage system cost?

    The cost of solar batteries can vary depending on the size and technology of the system. As of 2023, a residential solar battery storage system might cost between £4,000 and £10,000. Powervault offers competitive pricing along with high-end tech and performance.

  • What size solar battery is needed to power a house?

    The size of the solar battery you need to power your house will depend on your energy use. For the average home, a battery storage system with a capacity of about 4 to 8 kWh usually does the trick. But don't worry; we at Powervault offer consultations to help you find the perfect size to meet your specific needs.

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