Powervault 3

The Smart way to store energy

Powervault 3 helps you reduce your energy bills by storing free solar energy or cheap energy from the grid.

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Earn money from Powervault 3

Powervault 3 doesn't just save you money; you can also earn an income for supporting the grid.

Solar Inverter Protection

Protect your solar generation

Powervault 3's hybrid inverter has two DC-inputs so you can connect your solar system directly. Should your existing solar inverter fail, you can rely on Powervault 3 to take its place, preventing you needing to spend money on a new inverter.

Powervault 3eco

A second life for electric vehicle batteries

Powervault 3eco uses recycled, ‘second-life’ batteries from electric vehicles to provide a cheaper alternative to Powervault 3.

Powervault Portal

Monitor and control your Powervault online

The online portal allows you to monitor your energy savings and select your smart tariff charging schedule.