Powervault solar battery

The smart way to store energy

At Powervault, we are on a mission to pioneer a sustainable energy future. We provide the most intelligent, economic and sustainable energy storage systems for homes and businesses. Our products store solar energy and affordable electricity from the grid, helping save you money while you help protect the environment. We design and manufacture Powervault here in the UK.

Core features of Powervault 3

Full Compatibility

Compatible with all solar PV systems

Quick Installation

Connected to your home in under 4 hours

Modular And Scalable

Easily add capacity in the future from 4kWh to 20kWh


Dynamic firm frequency response to support grid

Hybrid Inverter

5.5kW output with AC-inputs to connect PVs direct

Online Portal

Platform to observe real-time system operation and optimise smart tariff charging

Powervault Portal

Track your usage on-the-go

Monitor your energy usage and control your Powervault and spending via any device. Powervault’s portal gives you a complete picture of your energy production and usage every moment of every day, live and historic. Our intuitive app is the perfect companion on your journey to lower bills and lower carbon.

Build your Powervault 3

Build your Powervault
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