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Powervault has been leading the way in UK green technology for over ten years. Read on to find out more about where we've been, where we're going and most importantly why we'll never stop driving to be part of the solution.

PowervaultAbout us

Powervault is the green energy tech company for homes and businesses in the UK. We are a part of the solution to climate change by transforming the way people use energy with our solar batteries and optimisation software.

We design and make high-quality batteries that look good in homes and workplaces. Our batteries store cheap energy from your solar and from the grid. We also make software, called SMARTSTOR™, which optimises your energy use and solar battery in real time. Both elements help to lower energy bills and enable greener electricity use. We believe in expert customer service and warm relationships with installers. We started operating in 2014 and are based in London.

PowervaultOur purpose

Our purpose runs through everything we do.

Let’s break it down.

Be part of the solution

We’re collaborative.
We’re innovators.
We’re always looking to the big picture.

To climate change

We’re focused on the world’s greatest challenge.
Everything else is secondary.


By transforming the way we use energy

We envision a world where it’s effortless for anyone and everyone  to lower their bills and use greener energy.

Our storyHow we got here


Making history

A first generation Powervault is entered into the Science Museum’s Green Energy gallery, demonstrating our pioneering heritage in the UK's green energy sector.



The fourth generation P4 brings SMARTSTOR™ technology to large homes and businesses


PV Compact

The most compact Powervault ever is also the first to showcase SMARTSTOR™ technology, utilising AI-powered prescriptive analytics to optimise battery storage and save customers even more money on their energy bills.


Forest Green Rovers

Powervault collaborates to deliver the ‘world’s most environmentally friendly stadium’


Product innovation of the year

Powervault awarded ‘Product Innovation of the Year’ award at the edie Sustainability Leaders Awards



Powervault partners with Octopus energy to enhance the benefits of smart tariffs and smart batteries


P3 and second life

The third generation Powervault P3 brings a new form factor still recognisable in today's units. Powervault also pioneers the use of second life Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries for use in solar storage. We have the longest-running second life test rig, operating to this day.


Disruptor of the year

Powervault wins Disruptor of the year at the British small business awards. An early sign of the business' determination to transform Energy use.


Second generation

The pace of innovation is unrelenting at Powervault and the second generation G200 brings enhanced features and offers a choice of lead acid or lithium ion chemistries


First to market

The first generation Powervault is launched - in fact, it's the very first all in one home solar battery in the UK market.


World record funding

Powervault raises £150,000 in 8 hours on Crowdcube – a world record – just before the business starts trading the following month.



Powervault was founded by Sustainable Venture Development Partners and continues to receive its support.

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