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InsightStorage basics: Exploring the benefits of solar batteries


In recent years, the surge of  interest and investment in renewable energy technologies has placed solar power as a leading source of clean energy. With the widespread installation of solar panels, the importance of effective energy storage solutions has become increasingly clear.

Powervault solar batteries have helped to transform how  harness and utilise solar energy. This article explores the key benefits of solar batteries, with a special focus on Powervault and its SMARTSTOR™ energy management technology.

Maximising Self-Consumption of Solar Energy Generation

Powervault batteries maximise the benefits of having a solar PV array installed at your home or business. It’s generally accepted that households in the UK that don’t have a solar battery will only use 50% of the energy that their panels generate. Installing a Powervault will significantly increase the consumption of solar energy generation. Instead of the solar array sending surplus energy back to the grid for little benefit to the owner, Powervaults are designed to store it for later use. This approach leads to substantial savings on electricity bills by reducing the energy exported only to be bought back from the grid later at a much higher price.

Storing Cheaper ‘Off-Peak’ Electrical Energy from the Grid

Storing off-peak electricity through Time of Use (ToU) tariffs, known as ‘load shifting’, is efficient with or without solar panels. Users without solar panels can still benefit from load shifting by charging their batteries during off-peak periods when electricity rates are lower to save on their bills.

When you also have solar panels at home Powervault’s SMARTSTOR™ technology enables users to take advantage of lower energy prices during off-peak times, as well as their solar generation, to charge their batteries, which is especially beneficial during winter when solar generation is low. This strategy helps reduce energy costs significantly, offering savings on electricity bills and supporting the National Grid by balancing demand.


SMARTSTOR™ energy management software automatically manages your solar battery, generating even more savings. It learns your individual energy usage patterns, constantly scans the weather forecast, and knows your tariff, so that it can make the optimum daily decisions about how much cheap energy from the grid to store and how much battery capacity to leave available for your free surplus solar generation.

Boosting Energy Independence

Powervault solar batteries provide homeowners and businesses with greater energy independence. By storing excess solar energy generated during the day, Powervault enables the use of stored solar power when it’s needed. When you have greater independence from the grid you are insulated from price rises like the ones experienced recently.

Environmental Benefits and Sustainability

Capturing solar energy and storing it with Powervault batteries significantly reduces a property’s carbon footprint. Powervault batteries support the increased integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid, displacing fossil fuel generation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Crucially, Powervault’s SMARTSTOR™ technology enhances this benefit by optimising the timing of charging and discharging, promoting the use of greener energy and further mitigating reliance on non-renewables. Interestingly, load shifting also has environmental benefits because the CO2 intensity of electricity from the National Grid is linked to the price you pay for it. Off-peak energy is typically cheaper AND greener. It’s a win win.


Powervault solar batteries, especially when complemented by our innovative SMARTSTOR™ energy management technology, represent a paradigm shift in how you can generate, store, and utilise energy. From boosting energy independence and maximising self-consumption to supporting grid resilience and promoting environmental sustainability, the benefits of integrating Powervault into your energy system are clear. Powervault solar batteries and SMARTSTOR™ are part of a journey towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future. Now you know, there’s no reason not to lower your energy bills,  use greener electricity and be part of the solution to climate change with Powervault.

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