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InsightSolar battery safety in your home

Not all batteries are the same

Battery safety is critically important and has received a lot of media attention in recent years, as a result of solar battery fires from small units installed in things like scooters and bicycles.  

We should make it clear that these units are often unregulated, and many cases are known to have involved reusing cell components from automotive batteries, without any of the hardware or software controls and safety systems that they were originally equipped with.


Choose a good-quality product

This is completely different from Powervault systems, which like most larger solar batteries, are manufactured and tested in accordance with battery standards which design safety into the product, with multiple sensors and safety systems monitoring temperature, voltage and current to assure safe operation. Furthermore at Powervault we regularly monitor the performance of each battery. 

So, as customers think about safety, and the safety of having a solar storage battery in their home, they should understand the rigour with which our systems have been developed.  

At Powervault we are one of only two battery suppliers that were involved with the British Standards Institute and others in shaping a new battery fire safety standard, PAS63100.  Along with recommending how energy storage systems should be designed and tested in accordance with existing battery standards, the PAS standard makes recommendations for good locations for batteries and, significantly, advises against fitting them in the loft. At Powervault, for many years we have advised against the loft as a location for safety and reliability reasons.

Our commitment to safety

To assure the safety and reliability of your system we will help to find the best location for your solar battery.  The new standard requires that everyone raise their game, as it rightly identifies that an external location is the best option. Soon we will be launching a battery that is certified for outdoor locations, although currently most of our customers install their systems in a garage or outhouse as advised by the standard. For obvious reasons, it is important to pick a location free of dust and other debris like woodchips. 

Only work with MCS-accredited installers

The final element in addition to product and location, is the choice of installer. MCS accreditation for storage should be seen as an absolute minimum by any customer (we are MCS-accredited). Powervault carefully selects installers and monitors the quality of their installations: we work with installers who provide carefully selected solutions, care about customer service, and install systems reliably and consistently well.  

Choosing a high quality solar storage battery, installed in a good location to professional standards will ensure your battery provides safe operation for many years. With Powervault you also benefit from direct, UK based manufacturer warranty support.

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If you’re considering enhancing your home energy system, or if you already have solar panels and are looking to boost your savings while contributing to a greener planet, consider upgrading to a Powervault with SMARTSTOR™.

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