Powervault 3 is very simple to use, install and understand; you can find out why here.

Technical Specifications

Powervault 3 is designed and assembled in the U.K. It has been designed specifically to store solar energy or cheap, off-peak electricity in either residential or commercial premises in the U.K. It is compatible with all solar systems and is very quick and easy to install.

Standard specifications of Powervault 3 models

  • Battery type and chemistry

    • Lithium Ion

  • Usable capacity (AC) 1

    • 4kWh

    • 8kWh

    • 12kWh

    • 16kWh

    • 20kWh

    • 24kWh

  • Max. continuous power input (AC) 1 2

    • 2.7kW

    • 3.1kW

    • 3.1kW

    • 3.1kW

    • 3.1kW

    • 3.1kW

  • Max. continuous power output (AC) 1 2

    • 2.1kW

    • 4.0kW *

    • 5.5kW *

    • 5.5kW *

    • 5.5kW *

    • 5.5kW *

  • Warranty

    • 10 years

  • Functionality

    • Solar shifting via AC-source, time-of-day 'smart' tariff arbitrage, GridFLEX™ services

1 Under test conditions. Accurate to +/- 5%. Values provided for 25°C, 3.3kW charge/discharge. Capacity and power output may also vary dependent on local installation conditions. 2 Power output and input may also vary dependent on state of charge. * Subject to G99 application approval, submitted by the customer. Otherwise limited to a maximum of 3.68kW by the distribution network operator (DNO). Errors and Omissions Excepted.

Download full technical specifications of Powervault 3 (PDF)

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