Powervault 3 is very simple to use, install and understand; you can find out why here.


Powervault 3 has been designed to be very easy to install in homes around the UK. Depending on the location, Powervault 3 will typically take a qualified electrician less than 2 hours to install. When the Powervault 3 is installed, it will be fixed to the wall for stability, as well as set on the floor. Provided there is enough stability in the wall, smaller capacity units can be wall-mounted.

AC Connection installation schematic

Installation diagram of Powervault 3 - AC

Installation requirements

  • A 10cm space to permit air flow is required around the Powervault 3.
  • Powervault 3 should not be installed in an environment which is excessively dusty or humid
  • Powervault 3 must be able to connect to the internet either wirelessly or via an ethernet cable
  • Powervault 3 must be installed within 25 metres of the household consumer unit/mains incomer
  • Without batteries, the Powervault 3 unit weighs 79kg. Each battery weighs ~25kg.
  • Powervault 3 must be installed in a building with relative humidity < 60% and a maximum temperature range of 0°C to 35°C


Build your Powervault 3

Build your Powervault
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