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Tonik Energy are the cheapest renewable energy supplier in the UK* and aim to reduce household energy bills further. To help achieve this, Tonik and Powervault have teamed up to assess the potential for a revolutionary new smart tariff model that could bring battery storage into the mainstream in UK homes, significantly reducing energy bills.

An initial 6-month trial will help assess the combined benefits of solar PV, with battery storage and a ‘time of use’ tariff on household electricity bills.

This trial will include the installation of a limited number of Powervault batteries in UK homes**. If you would like to know more and potentially be included in this trial please register your details here***:

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About Tonik Energy

Tonik Energy is a renewable electricity and gas supplier aiming to halve household energy bills by 2022. By giving a clear insight into energy use in combination with access to smart, in-home energy efficient technologies, Tonik Energy will enable the homeowner to use less energy, to use cheaper energy and, ultimately, to generate their own energy. In conjunction with our renewable energy offering, we believe it is entirely possible for the customer to save money and be good to the planet without compromising on home comforts. For more information about Tonik Energy please click here.

Why Powervault?

Powervault gives you more control over your energy consumption, allowing you to save more on your electricity bills. It maximises the benefits of your solar PV system by storing excess free solar energy generated during the day. It can also store cheap, off peak electricity from the grid, e.g. Economy 7, and discharge it when needed. This means you benefit from using cheaper, greener energy whenever you need it. It’s designed to enable homeowners to become more energy independent, reducing your reliance on the National Grid and maximising use of clean, renewable solar energy. Powervault is universally compatible with all solar PV systems. This means the solution is very simple to install and can be fitted to your home by a qualified electrician, with no adjustments to your existing solar PV system. Find out more about the economic benefits of a Powervault battery.

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*Renewable: 100% renewable electricity. Based on average prices in all 14 regions based on OFGEM’s medium household consumption of 3100 kWh (electricity) and 12500 kWh (gas).  Excludes fixed tariffs of less than 12 months duration. Excludes tariffs that do not have national coverage. Excludes tariffs where payments are taken in advance of the customer coming on supply. Accurate as of 5 April 2017. Based on data from Energyhelpline.

**To qualify for this first-phase trial you will need to have Solar PV already installed.

***By submitting your details you consent to Powervault and Tonik Energy contacting you with further information about this trial. You can opt out at anytime by emailing contact@powervault.
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