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Save up to £285 per year on your electricity bill by installing a Powervault in your home to take advantage of Green Energy UK’s TIDE tariff

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    Powervault treats your personal information with respect. See our Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In Dubai for more information
  • About TIDE

    Green Energy UK launched TIDE in January 2017. TIDE is a time-of-day tariff, which gives home owners access to cheap electricity at off-peak times. Home owners can save up to £120 per year simply by switching from a standard, flat tariff to TIDE’s variable, time-of-day tariff and flexing their electricity demand to off-peak times. Savings can be considerably improved by installing Powervault’s home energy storage system alongside the TIDE tariff, which will automatically store cheap, ‘low-tide’ electricity for use during on-peak, ‘high-tide’ electricity periods.

    About Powervault

    Powervault designs and manufactures intelligent energy storage products for the home. They help home owners reduce electricity bills by storing cheap, off-peak electricity or free solar energy for use at peak times. By installing Powervault t alongside the TIDE tariff, home owners with solar PV could save up to £285 per year* on their electricity bills.

    * based on a customer with a 4kWp PV system and a net demand of 3,400kWh from Grid p.a.; projected savings depend entirely on customer circumstance and are provided as an estimate.