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Get £100 each when you refer a friend to Powervault

We love it when our customers are happy to recommend us. That’s why we’re offering a £100 reward for any customer who passes us on using the simple steps below. Not only that, but your friend also gets a £100 discount off their new system. What’s not to love?

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Referring Powervault couldn't be easier

Find your Powervault product ID in the web Portal.

Share your product ID with any homeowner friend and ask them to quote it during purchase.

Your referral will be registered, and your friend will get a £100 discount off any Powervault.

When their installation is complete, you’ll get your £100.

Full Terms & conditions

  1. 1) Where a Powervault Existing Customer recommends Powervault to a New Powervault Retail Customer who is purchasing a system for the first time at the Retail Price directly from Powervault then if the New Powervault Retail Customer provides the Unit ID of the Powervault Existing Customer at the time of order then:
    1. a) Powervault will offer a discount of £100 including VAT to the New Powervault Retail Customer;
    2. b) When the installation is completed and the product has been paid for in full, Powervault will pay the Existing Customer £100 subject to provision of BACS account details.
  2. 2) This offer commemces on 16th October 2023 and expires on the 31st December 2023 unless replaced with another Powervault Customer Recommendation Offer.
  3. 3) This offer is not open to New Powervault Retail Customers who have previously purchased a Powervault system.
  4. 4) This offer only applies to Powervault systems purchased at the Retail price from Powervault. This offer does not apply to upgrades.
  5. 5) This offer is made to Existing Powervault Customers in good faith. Powervault can reject claims made under this offer at its absolute discretion including if it appears that it is being abused.
  6. 6) This offer is not open to Powervault employees or their relations.