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For Business

Find out how adding Powervault solar storage to your business can transform your energy use.

Powervault for businessBank your solar

For many businesses, renewable generation can be frustratingly difficult to utilise. Heating, lighting and other power usage often falls out of the timeframe of solar production. That’s where energy storage can help, maximising the benefits of your renewable investment and allowing you to use your cheaper, greener energy whenever you need it.

Powervault for businessProactive monitoring

We proactively monitor every Powervault system in field, automatically making fine adjustments to manage battery cell health and responding to alerts in real-time via our team of UK energy experts.

Powervault for businessUK data standards

We understand the power of energy data and how valuable that is to your business. With Powervault, you get access to practical energy insights, safe in the knowledge that your data is looked after and never leaves the UK.

Powervault for businessCome to the experts

Here at Powervault we have years of experience helping businesses of all kinds – from farms to football clubs – with their transition to cleaner, cheaper energy using battery storage technology.

Powervault for BusinessIntuitive energy insights

Powervault’s web portal gives you the energy insights you need, at a glance. With the Powervault Portal, you can monitor real-time energy production and consumption, check battery status, view historical data, and adjust settings such as charging schedules and energy usage priorities.

Powervault for BusinessFrequently asked Questions

What is a Powervault solar battery?

A Powervault solar battery is a home energy storage system that captures excess energy generated by your solar panels during the day, storing it for use later when the sun isn’t shining. Your Powervault can also be set up to store cheap ‘off-peak’ energy from the grid which you can use instead of buying more expensive electricity from the grid.

How does a Powervault solar battery work?

The battery stores surplus electricity generated by your solar panels during the day. You can then use this stored energy during periods of high energy demand or when solar generation is low, such as at night. Powervault batteries can also be used to store off peak energy from a time of use tariff, saving even more.

What are the benefits of installing a Powervault solar battery?

Installing a Powervault can save you money by lowering your electricity bill. Other benefits include cutting your home’s carbon footprint by reducing your reliance on the grid, increasing your energy independence, and contributing to a more sustainable energy future. You can find out more about the benefits of a Powervault solar battery in this insight article.

Is a Powervault solar battery compatible with my existing solar panel system?

Powervault batteries are designed to be compatible with most solar panel systems. Our team can assess your specific setup to ensure compatibility.

How long does a Powervault solar battery last?

Our batteries are built to last and come with a 10 year warranty. The SMARTSTOR™ system, when activated, will monitor battery health and take proactive action to ensure the cells are protected from over or under charging. For more information, check out our article about battery safety here, or our warranty information here.

How much space does a Powervault solar battery require?

The physical footprint of a Powervault battery depends on the model and capacity. The specific dimensions can be found in the product pages, here. Our team can provide specific dimensions and installation requirements based on your needs.

Can I monitor and control my Powervault solar battery remotely?

Yes, Powervault offers a web portal that allows you to monitor energy production, battery status, and consumption patterns remotely. You can also adjust settings and schedules as needed for optimal performance.

Is financing available for Powervault solar batteries?

This is something that we are actively looking into, and some of our partners do provide, so please let us know if you would be interested by filling in a contact form

Is installation included with the purchase of a Powervault solar battery?

Installation services are typically offered separately. However, we have our own installation team and work with certified installers who can ensure proper setup and integration with your existing solar panel system.

What maintenance is required for a Powervault solar battery?

Powervault batteries are designed to be maintenance free, we proactively monitor all Powervault installations and where necessary can offer remote fixes or site visits to ensure proper functioning.

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