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InsightHow SMARTSTOR Saves You More


Although more UK households are turning to solar panels to save on their energy bills and support a sustainable energy future, the full potential of solar energy has not been exploited. While over 1.3 million homes have embraced solar power, a significant “technology gap” remains, meaning many are not maximising the possible cost savings and carbon reduction potential due to a large proportion of the energy generated being exported to the grid. This is where solutions like Powervault’s intelligent battery storage and energy management system SMARTSTOR™ come into play.

What is SMARTSTOR™ energy management software?

SMARTSTOR™ is an advanced energy management software developed by Powervault designed specifically for our solar battery systems. This software intelligently manages the energy stored in Powervault solar batteries, ensuring that households maximise the use of their generated solar power and reduce reliance on the grid at peak times when electricity is at its most expensive and has a higher carbon intensity.

The technology gap

Although many homes are equipped with solar panels, only a fraction take advantage of fully optimising their systems. Without solar batteries, time-of-use tariffs, and energy management software like SMARTSTOR™, households are potentially missing out on  an additional 29% savings on their bills according to the study conducted on users of Powervault’s SMARTSTOR™ software.

How SMARTSTOR™ enhances solar battery efficiency

SMARTSTOR™ learns individual customer’s energy usage patterns and integrates real-time weather forecasts with time-of-use tariffs to make daily energy management decisions. This intelligence allows the system to determine the optimal times to store excess solar energy or to draw energy from the grid at off-peak rates, ensuring cost efficiency and energy sufficiency without manual intervention.

Real Savings

Research shows that using SMARTSTOR™ with solar panels, a time of use tariff and Powervault solar batteries can generate an additional 29% additional savings on electricity bills. For example:

When a household has solar PV, it will consume energy directly from the panels during daylight hours. The savings households generate is, therefore, predicated on their occupancy level during daylight hours. For households that are not occupied during the day, their self-consumption of solar will be lower than those in use throughout the day.

According to our research adding a time of use tariff alone can result in a 5% reduction in cost. Installing a Powervault with SMARTSTOR™ results in a 29% saving.

More than just a saving: Environmental Impact

SMARTSTOR™ does more than just save money. It helps cut users’ carbon footprint and decarbonise the UK grid, particularly by helping UK households avoid using electricity from the national grid during peak hours from 4pm to 8pm when traditional energy demand leads to increased carbon emissions. By optimising energy usage and solar storage, SMARTSTOR™ supports the grid’s transition to renewable sources, playing a crucial role in achieving net-zero emissions.

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If you’re considering enhancing your home energy system, or if you already have solar panels and are looking to boost your savings while contributing to a greener planet, consider upgrading to a Powervault with SMARTSTOR™.

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