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InsightAI-powered home energy storage system hits the market

The new system was unveiled during Futurebuild and due to its modular design, backup power options and AI technology, has already received incredibly positive feedback from across the building industries.

Empowering home and business owners to take control of their energy usage

Rising energy costs and energy security is a major concern for many home and business owners this year. Existing solar users often find that much of their generated energy is sold back to the grid for a disappointingly low price. With the Powervault P4, they could see their generation utilisation double while also maximising savings from a Time of Use (ToU) tariff, making their energy both cheaper and greener.

Powered by market-leading artificial intelligence technology, SmartSTOR software is at the heart of all our battery storage solutions. SmartSTOR optimises the device on a daily basis depending on the customer’s tariff and power use, as well as the latest weather predictions to ensure highly-effective energy consumption.

This revolutionary technology offers customers a hassle-free way to reduce CO2 emissions and optimise energy savings by storing cheaper off-peak electricity to use during peak hours. This feature is especially beneficial for users with time-of-use tariffs and electric vehicle owners. Users can also monitor charging, discharging, solar generation and energy usage statistics anywhere with Powervault’s online portal.

Joe Warren, Managing Director of Powervault, said: “It’s a pivotal year for battery and energy storage deployment in the UK – so we’re delighted to launch the Powervault P4, our most advanced energy storage system. Domestic and commercial customers alike are deeply concerned about energy security and costs. Storage systems – especially those co-located with renewable generation – are increasingly becoming one of the most sought after ways to tackle those concerns while making positive strides to combat climate breakdown.” 

Another issue the P4 aims to address is the impact volatile weather is having on energy usage and the struggle for networks to keep the power flowing. With emergency power supply options to keep the lights on, the P4 offers reassurance for owners at risk of power outages.

Scaling up capacity with a unique modular design

Customers can choose from five AC capacities: 8kWh, 12kWh, 16kWh, 20kWh and 24kWh. Each model is compatible with solar PV and wind turbine systems and enclosed in a slim, all-in-one, wall-mounted design.

To further reduce cost and help future proof the device, we’ve taken a modular approach to all our systems. This unique design enables installers to gradually increase capacity if needed, allowing homes and businesses to develop and expand without having to replace the entire system.

Joe continued, “Customers can also benefit from the P4’s great user interface, artificial intelligence control system and modular design to maximise the savings they can make from energy storage. As we move towards net zero, the UK electricity sector is undergoing an exciting transformation. Installing a Powervault is one of the first steps many of our customers take on their journey to net zero – and our customers benefit from powering their homes with more of their self-generated, clean, renewable energy.”

Powervault is also one of the few manufacturers that provide post-installation customer support, which means that once the storage has been fitted successfully, Powervault becomes the customer’s primary point of contact for any operational support. And as we’re based in the UK, we’re available when you need us.

Discover the full capabilities and specifications of the Powervault P4.

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