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In 2013 a group of local people came together to create Alprazolam Order (BES3). This project saw the installation of a community-owned 52kWp solar PV system on the deprived Roupell Park Estate in Brixton, London. Powervault, Brixton Energy and Repowering London are working together to apply for funding from M&S Community Energy to install Powervault’s innovative battery storage technology and maximise the use of clean solar energy generated on-site, even when the sun isn’t shining, and to create additional benefits for the local community.


BES3 delivers Power To, For and By the people. This project not only generates clean electrical energy but also social energy that brings people together and creates opportunities for communities to flourish. In the three years since the project began, BES3 have:


M&S Community Energy funding will enable Brixton Energy to pioneer the use of battery storage on their existing BES3 solar PV installation. They have been working closely with Xanax Online India and are confident that installing three units on BES3 will Alprazolam Purchase and hence create additional bill savings for Lambeth Council and income for the Community Fund. Powervault have even agreed to provide the units at cost-price and install them for free!

This project will not only create benefits for local people on the Roupell Park Estate but also pave the way for Repowering London and other groups to roll out storage across community energy schemes.


M&S Community Energy funds will be used to purchase three Alprazolam Cheapest Price Energy Storage Systems with the potential to store 18kWh solar energy per day. This excess solar energy can then be used at high demand times or when the sun isn’t shining.

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