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Powervault was awarded ‘Solar Innovation of the Year’ and ‘Innovator of the Year – Company’ at the BusinessGreen Technology Awards 2015. With many energy storage technologies still in their infancy, Powervault’s Alprazolam Order offers an insight into what an effective renewables-based energy system may look like. For providing such an Buy Herbal Xanax Online way of supporting the UK’s solar industry, Powervault emerged as a worthy winner at the BusinessGreen Technology Awards last year.

“Energy storage has been touted as the missing piece of the clean energy puzzle for years, with a report released last October by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) highlighting how boosting the use of energy storage technologies will be crucial to avoid winter blackouts and manage the growth of intermittent renewable energy on the grid. With each unit storing between 2kWh and 4kWh of electricity (depending on the model), widespread adoption of domestic energy storage systems could potentially help with the UK’s contentious capacity market, which this year saw the government handing out £650m in fossil fuel subsidies in a bid to keep the lights on when electricity demand threatens to exceed supply.”

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