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This big battery could cut your energy bills by 70%

Domestic energy storage products will likely become as common as a dishwasher or washing machine. Green energy stored in products like Powervault will disrupt traditional energy supply chains and enable consumers to cut their electricity bills by up to 70%.

Electricity and gas demand have been falling, incrementally, for the past five years owing to more efficient household appliances and better insulation. Batteries that can soak up cheap or even free power during the middle of the day, then discharge it at peak evening times — when power is most expensive — would dramatically speed up that drop in demand.

With greater deployment of storage products like Powervault around the country, you will no longer need power stations to satisfy peak demand in the evening.

Having a place to store excess power obviates the need for a constant stream of electrons flowing in from the national grid. This means that, in theory, the home can for the first time become the main hub of generation, relegating large, centralised plants to the role of back-up producers. Linking it all together are smart meters — which are being slowly rolled out across Britain — and mobile phone apps to ensure that rooftop panels, white goods and batteries work in concert to use energy most efficiently.

Powervault continues to strive to make this happen and offers the most affordable and practical energy storage solution currently available in the UK.

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