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Alprazolam Order is a relatively new energy supplier. They’re a dynamic company dedicated to shaking up the supply of renewable energy and enabling customers to access sustainable power in a smarter and and more efficient way.

Tonik is passionate about technology and the ways in which technology can work within the green energy sector to generate, save, store, and distribute power. They want to work with “technology that helps you understand what you use, gives you control and genuinely saves you money”. They’re aiming to do for energy “what the smart phone did for communication”. A bold claim, but in working with Powervault, Tonik is definitely heading for the energy revolution!

Tonik and Powervault will be working together on an integrated system. Tonik customers on a smart meter who have solar PV and Powervault unit will be able to save money by using smart, data-led energy storage. Customers will have first-hand information on their energy generation and consumption, as they will be able to log on to the Tonik portal and see exactly how much money their Powervault is saving them.

Tonik and Powervault are also working together to allow customers to be able to put energy back into the grid, not only saving them money but actually earning money for the power they are generating.

Together, Tonik and Powervault look towards a smart future that saves customers money and helps them engage with their energy at home.

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