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Crowdfunding is giving private investors the opportunity to invest and prosper from cleantech

Signs of the energy transition away from traditional models of centralised energy generation and towards cleaner, more efficient distributed supply and management are everywhere.

Just a few days ago Britain generated no electricity from coal for what is believed to be the first time since the 19th century.

Financial flows are also shifting as savvy investors are moving away from the old world of fossil fuel assets. Indeed, investors who have dumped holdings in fossil fuel companies have outperformed those that remain invested in coal, oil and gas over the past five years according to the world’s leading stock market index company, MSCI. As such, many high profile investors are recognising the opportunity and moving towards diversified cleantech portfolios with huge financial pledges.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates launched a multi-billion-dollar clean energy research and development initiative on the opening day of the U.N. climate change summit in Paris.

There has been an upsurge of interest from private individuals looking to invest in new cleantech start-ups which, like Powervault, are looking to commercialise their businesses via crowdfunding platforms. Investing through crowdfunding represents an added route for individuals across the country to benefit from the energy transition.

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