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We are a startup with an IoT cleantech product, looking for a firmware developer to assist in the development and deployment of functional improvements for our smart energy storage device. This is an opportunity to work in one of the fastest growing areas of the internet of things: energy storage and smart grid technology.

You will work in a multi-disciplinary team operating across firmware and backend, working to develop features that take our device from an early stage product to a robust and fully developed market solution. This involves tasks such as the following: improving data integrity; adding features that contribute to a resilient energy infrastructure; implementing data security measures; making the current code base more robust and reliable; supporting hardware upgrades; and so on. You would be writing code for a physical system based on energy management, and as such, this opportunity would suit developers with an understanding of physical sciences who not only wish to develop IoT specific experience and skills, but also wish to gain experience and understanding in the important area of battery technology.

About us

Our product is an award-winning energy storage solution, operating in a hotly tipped growth industry. We have recently secured around £1.5 million of investment and need to grow the team as we ramp up production and continue to develop the functionality and robustness of our product and infrastructure. We are currently a team of nine people working in London Bridge in a unique working environment in a cluster of other startups. We are backed by an experienced team of investors and have excellent prospects to succeed as a company, and for our product to become a familiar fixture in homes in Britain and subsequently Europe and the world.

About you

You will be highly motivated and intelligent, and have a passion for software engineering that goes far beyond it simply being your day job. We have a lot to do, and you will be a highly self-motivated, rapid coder with an excellent development workflow, which may include a development structure or process that you have created for yourself to aid timely delivery, accurate estimation, and adequate testing and robustness of the end solution. You will have a high appetite for problem solving and a keen attention to detail, and a defensive developer who is always looking out for what could go wrong and preventing against it, particularly in the area of safety. You will also be working closely with your colleagues, and as such, you’ll be an excellent team player and continuously communicative. You’ll receive flexible hours and a flexible attitude to your working situation in general (although you’ll be based in the office). You will be an insatiable learner who is eager to gain understanding of the underlying hardware and willing to learn electronic or physical concepts as required to write code for the device. You will be creative and will look for new, better ways to do things.

Necessary Skills & Experience

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience developing real-time embedded applications for microprocessors such as ARM Cortex, Microchip etc
  • C/C++ for embedded
  • Familiarity with object oriented concepts
  • Ability to read and interpret schematics
  • Considerable experience writing for “bare-metal”, Good experience implementing using RTOS
  • Good experience implementing Internet connectivity using TCP/IP, WIFI, IOT protocols
  • Good experience implementing Field bus communications such as CAN, Modbus, ZigBee
  • A strong history of fault finding and debugging in such systems, including using a range of tools and methods in a methodical approach to finding and solving issues, not just with the microprocessor but with the wider physical system
  • Appreciation of development methodologies e.g. TDD, Agile, and willingness to co-develop appropriate internal processes
  • A rapid, delivery-focused workflow
  • Great team working, communication, self-motivation, customer focus, and organizational skills are a must

Desired Skills

  • An in-depth knowledge of C++ and object-oriented program design
  • Experience developing for an IoT product specifically, including interfacing with APIs, cryptography and security, etc
  • Knowledge of digital control theory, and/or experience of its implementation
  • Experience writing control programs for dynamic systems consisting of different interacting elements
  • A working knowledge of electrical engineering or physical sciences
  • An appreciation of functional safety concepts
  • Continuous integration as applied to firmware for devices
  • Git
  • Experience in setting up automated FW testing and verification


Firmware development: development and deployment of functional improvements for our smart electricity storage device


IoT / Energy Tech / Cleantech / Low Carbon / Manufacturing



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Technical Director


£40k - £50k



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