Powervault is very simple to use, install and understand; you can find out why here.

Powervault energy storage for the home

Powervault stores electricity in your home using either Lithium-ion Phosphate cells or Lead Acid batteries. Powervault’s Lithium-ion Phosphate cells can store 2kWh – 6kWh of usable (AC) energy. Powervault’s Lead Acid batteries can store 2.5kWh – 4kWh of usable (AC) energy. Depending on the battery technology and storage capacity you require, the dimensions of the Powervault unit will vary; the standard G200 unit will accommodate all available battery capacities and technologies whereas the slim-line, G200-S unit (available from March 2017) will only accommodate 2kWh or 4kWh of Lithium-ion Phosphate cells. The capacities displayed below indicate usable¬†capacity.

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Powervault storage options