Why choose Powervault to store electricity in your home?

Powervault is an intelligent, affordable electricity storage system for the home, which reduces your electricity bills by enabling you to store and use free solar energy or cheap, off-peak electricity. Powervault is designed and assembled in the U.K. and is compatible with all solar PV systems.

Economic benefits

Powervault has been designed to be the most practical and affordable solar energy storage system in the U.K. This is achieved by balancing useful capacity and power output against cost.

  • Powervault can reduce homeowners’ electricity bills by up to 20% by storing solar energy during the day and discharging it when needed. Powervault can also charge from the grid, which means it can store cheap, off-peak (eg. Economy 7) electricity. U.K. homeowners on time-of-use-tariffs like Economy 7 can benefit by saving an additional 10% – 15% on their electricity bills, (saving up to 35% in total). When new smart tariffs are launched, with a greater arbitrage between on- and off-peak tariffs, the savings from storing cheap electricity from the grid for U.K. homeowners will be much larger. Powervault is forward compatible with smart tariffs.

  • Powervault is an AC-connected system and is installed in the home behind the Generation & Export meter. Installing Powervault in your home therefore does not remove or diminish the payments you receive for generating and exporting renewable energy.

  • Powervault currently has one of the most affordable energy storage products available in the U.K.. This has been achieved by sizing and designing Powervault specifically for the average U.K. home (consumption of ~10kWh/day) so that it charges and discharges fully every day. Powervault is also battery agnostic and therefore cherry-picks the most commercially-viable battery technology available to use in its products; Powervault can currently store electricity using either Lithium-ion Phosphate cells or two different types of Lead Acid battery (AGM or Tubular Gel).

Environmental benefits

Powervault enables customers to use less of the energy generated by the National Grid and more of their own green, clean energy.

  • Powervault works with the National Physical Laboratory to better understand the impact Powervault has on greenhouse gas emissions. The National Physical Laboratory has calculated that Powervault will reduce CO2 emissions by 0.3 tonnes per year in the average U.K. home.

  • With the exponential adoption of domestic energy storage products in the U.K., Powervault will be able to work with the National Grid to provide demand side services, including frequency response, which will help control peak energy fluctuations and help balance our national energy supply.

  • Powervault has a legal obligation to collect and recycle the Lead Acid batteries, which are used in some Powervault products, once they have reached the end of their useful life; Powervault is able to recycle 99% of the lead contained inside the batteries. Powervault also provides help and guidance to homeowners and Councils for the safe disposal of their Lithium-ion (LiFePO4) cells at the end of their useful life.

Additional benefits

Powervault has a number of extra benefits – beyond the green and economic – for the home owner.

Economy 7 charging

Powervault can store cheap, off-peak electricity (eg. Economy 7) for use at peak times. This enables you to save an additional 10% – 15% on your electricity bills. Powervault is also forward compatible with smart tariffs.

Energy security

Powervault can have an emergency power socket (EPS) fitted to the front of the unit. The EPS allows you to access power and switch on essential appliances during blackouts.

Customer portal

The Powervault Customer Portal is designed to provide you
with a platform from which to monitor your Powervault’s technical
performance and view its system information. It provides you
with accurate information about the present and historical
performance of your Powervault. You can also use the Powervault Customer Portal to set-up and adjust your Powervault’s Economy 7 charging functionality.

Energy independence

Powervault is designed to enable homeowners to become more energy independent and reduce their reliance on the National Grid. Powervault allows homeowners to maximise the use of their clean, green solar energy and either minimise or eradicate their export to, and import from, the National Grid. Powervault also protects home owners against rising electricity tariffs, which are currently increasing at a rate of >6% per year.

Ease of installation

Powervault is very simple to install and can be fitted to your home by a qualified electrician in under 2 hours. Powervault is a fully-integrated energy storage solution so there is no need to adjust your existing solar PV system or buy additional parts to ensure Powervault works for your home. The Powervault unit contains batteries, inverters, chargers, a Battery Management System, an Energy Management System and a control board.

Compatible with all solar PV systems

Powervault is AC-connected and is therefore universally compatible with all solar PV systems. No additional parts or adjustments to your existing solar PV system are required to accommodate Powervault in your home.

Comprehensive warranty

Powervault offers a 10 year warranty for replacement of faulty parts – including batteries – in the retail price of the Lithium-ion Powervaults. A 5 year warranty for replacement of faulty parts – including batteries – is included in the retail price of the Lead Acid Powervaults. For further information please see the Warranty section within the Technical page.

Safe technology

Powervault has been designed to be safe to use in your home. Powervault’s Lead Acid batteries and Lithium-ion (LiFePO4) cells are sealed and maintenance-free; they do not produce any gases and have been tested under extreme conditions. Powervault is CE marked and has 10 safety measures built in to the system, which include under- and over-voltage protectors and temperature sensors.

British design and manufacture

Powervault is a British company, based in London. Powervault’s products are designed in London and assembled in Luton. Each and every Powervault has been designed specifically for homes in the U.K.; the company will continue to listen to the needs of British homeowners and develop their products further as these needs evolve.

Customer service

We pride ourselves on our customer service and will always answer any questions you might have about your Powervault. Our engineers are always on-hand to check your system remotely or visit your home if you believe Powervault is not working as it should be.

"I am really impressed with my Powervault: it looks great, it took 45 minutes to install, it’s easy to understand and it saves me money on my electricity bills. I also think the company’s customer service is fantastic; their team monitors each Powervault via the internet to ensure they are all running properly. I am now considering installing another Powervault to help me store more of my solar energy."

Mr. Usher

"The installation of Powervault was very efficient and it didn’t take any time at all to link the system to our solar panels. The Powervault works alongside our air source heat pump and has helped cut our electricity bills by 80% - even with the swimming pool on."

Mr. Quarrington

"Having tried a competing home energy storage product, which never worked and was very complicated to install in my home, I am really pleased I now have a Powervault. My bills from Eon have reduced dramatically and I can always understand what Powervault is doing – either from the light display on the front or via the online customer portal."

Mr. Patterson

"I thought the customer service, both pre- and post-sale, was impeccable and I am now looking forward to seeing how much more of my own solar energy I can use once the weather brightens up."

Mr. Price