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Buy 1000 Xanax Bars, Buy Xanax Dubai

Powervault works with a number of partners as we strive to achieve our vision of increasing decentralised energy. Our partners contribute in a variety of ways from testing and refining of individual parts to aesthetic designs and UX streamlining.


Powervault aims to work in partnership with its suppliers to deliver great value, high quality, electricity storage products. We work with suppliers of different battery chemistries, metal work, cabling, PCBs and inverter/chargers. We always welcome new suppliers who think that they can help us to achieve our business aims. If you are interested to be a Powervault supplier please see Alprazolam Bula Anvisa and contact us at: Online Xanax Prescriptions.

Investment milestones

Buy 1000 Xanax Bars, Buy Xanax Dubai

Launch new 'Powervault 3' product

July 2018

Win The Japan Energy Challenge 2018

May 2018

Win EDF Energy's 'Blue Lab Challenge' 2018

November 2017

Launched an InnovateUK-funded project to install 50 Powervaults in London and 50 Powervaults in Cornwall to test and prove the benefits of demand-side response

October 2017

Win 'Disruptor of the Year' at the British Small Business Awards

September 2017

Win 'Best Angel-Crowdfunding Investment' at the UK Business Angels Association Awards

July 2017

Launched a £400k InnovateUK-funded project with M&S Energy, Solarcentury, Renault, Hyde and Haringey Housing to deploy 50 Powervaults with second-life batteries in homes in the U.K.

June 2017

Closed a £1.8m equity funding round on Crowdcube, raising over 200% of the target

March 2017

Sign a contract with Renault and Nissan for the supply of second-life Lithium-ion cells from EVs

September 2016

Sign a £270k contract with UK Power Networks to install 60 electricity storage products (inc. 35 Powervaults) to trial and test the effect(s) aggregated domestic storage has on the local electricity network

July 2016

Sign a contract to install 25 Powervaults in Macclesfield (part of an NEA-funded trial) to test how Powervault can reduce fuel poverty in Cheshire East

June 2016

Close a £1.52m equity funding round via Crowdcube, raising over 200% of the funding target

June 2016

Announce distributor partnership with Green Acorn Energy

May 2016

Announce partnership with Entu's Job Worth Doing who are able to install Powervault nationally

April 2016

Launch Lithium-ion Powervault, reduce cost of base unit and announce key "smart power" partnerships

November 2015

Win BusinessGreen 'Solar Innovation of the Year' & BusinessGreen 'Innovator of the Year - Company'

October 2015

First international sale delivered to Australia

September 2015

Launch sales and customer service department

June 2015

Outsourced manufacturing to a professional electronics firm in Luton, UK

April 2015

Raised £900,000 through Crowdcube

February 2015

£70,456 InnovateUK grant secured to study second-life batteries

September 2014

Closed the world's fastest cleantech crowd funding campaign: raised £150,000 on Crowdcube within eight hours of launch

September 2014

First sale made to an installer (Greenman Solar) and first Powervault installed in a customer's home

September 2014

Powervault named Finalist in RBS Innovation Gateway competition

May 2014

10 "Beta" Powervault models manufactured

April 2014

Safety testing and CE Marking complete

March 2014

Powervault selected as Finalist for Shell Springboard

February 2014

Powervault win €50,000 from Climate KIC competition

January 2014

"Alpha" Powervault models manufactured

January 2014

Formed strategic partnership with Greenman Solar - a solar installer

November 2013

£85,000 Technology Strategy Board "Proof-of-Concept" Grant secured (20 unit field trial)

October 2013

Powervault selected as NESTA challenge finalist

May 2013

£25,000 Technology Strategy Board Feasibility Study Grant (battery characterisation)

March 2013

Patent Applications submitted

March 2013

SEIS Advance Assurance received

February 2013

Finalist – Cleantech Innovate Awards

January 2013

Prototype Testing commenced

November 2012

Powervault Ltd. incorporated

August 2012

£24,000 Technology Strategy Board “Proof-of-Market” Grant secured

April-July 2012

Business and launch plan developed

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