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Find out more about Powervault's mission and the people behind the UK's first electricity storage product for the home.

Work for Powervault: Firmware Developer


Powervault is a new and rapidly expanding company who design and manufacture an IoT cleantech product, which helps UK home owners store and use electricity more efficiently. The Company requires a highly talented firmware developer to assist in the development and deployment of functional improvements for our smart electricity storage device. The role will provide the successful candidate with the opportunity to work in one of the fastest-growing and exciting sectors in the cleantech / low carbon energy industry.

The successful candidate will assist work in a multi-disciplinary team operating across firmware and backend. S/he will work to develop features that take Powervault from a product designed for limited production runs to one that is suitable for mass production. This will involve the following:

  • improving data integrity
  • adding features that contribute to a resilient energy infrastructure
  • implementing data security measures
  • making the current code base more robust and reliable
  • supporting hardware upgrades

The successful candidate will be writing code for a physical system based on electricity management, and as such, this opportunity would suit developers with an understanding of physical sciences who not only wish to develop IoT-specific experience and skills, but are also keen to work in the IoT cleantech industry and, in particular, the exciting – and rapidly expanding – sector of electricity storage.

The Company

Powervault is the UK’s first company to offer an electricity storage system to homeowners with PV panels to help them store and use their excess solar energy more efficiently. With the introduction of smart meters and time-of-use tariffs in the next 12-18 months, electricity storage will become a compelling proposition for all households, growing Powervault’s addressable UK market from <1 million households to >20 million. The Company’s mission is to help homeowners cut their energy bills by storing zero or low cost electricity for use at times of peak demand, whilst also reducing peak grid electricity demand and carbon emissions. Government reports suggest home electricity storage can contribute to saving UK Plc £8 – £10 billion per annum off the cost of generating and distributing electricity. Powervault’s lead product is an intelligent, cloud-connected, integrated battery and control system in an attractive home appliance-style package, and is the most cost-effective home electricity storage product on the market.

Since formation in 2013, Powervault has developed its first-generation product, filed patent applications and secured over £440,000 of grant support and prizes from Innovate UK / Technology Strategy Board, Climate KIC, Nesta and the Prince’s Trust.  In September 2014, Powervault launched its lead product and secured £150,000 in crowdfunding in under eight hours in the world’s fastest cleantech equity crowdfunding activity. Powervault has since raised two further rounds via crowdfunding, business angel and institutional investment totalling £2.3 million, which is funding the business most of the way to breakeven.

The electricity storage market is now entering an exciting new phase; high profile players like Tesla validate the opportunity. Powervault, the leading home electricity storage company in the UK, is now growing the software team to support the Technical Department’s development of the functionality and robustness of Powervault’s firmware, enabling the product to be manufactured at scale.

Candidate Profile

Potential candidates will be expected to exhibit some or all of the following characteristics:

  • highly motivated, passionate and intelligent
  • a rapid coder with an excellent development workflow, which may include a development structure or process that you have created for yourself to aid timely delivery, accurate estimation, and adequate testing and robustness of the end solution
  • a large appetite for problem solving and a keen attention to detail
  • a defensive developer who constantly mitigates against potential problems
  • an excellent team player who takes full responsibility for their work, hits delivery deadlines and enjoys being involved in team decisions

The successful candidate will be office-based but receive flexible work hours and a flexible attitude to his/her working situation. S/he will be an insatiable learner who, although having experience with a range of software, isn’t beholden to any one of them and is as ready to adopt a new technology as s/he is to use one s/he is familiar with, if it’s more appropriate for the project needs. The successful candidate will be creative, think outside the box, and continuously strive to improve their work.

Necessary Skills & Experience

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience developing real-time embedded applications for microprocessors such as ARM, Atmel, Microchip etc
  • C/C++ for embedded
  • Familiarity with object oriented concepts
  • Ability to read and interpret schematics
  • Considerable experience writing for “bare-metal”, rather than operating systems, including writing drivers, implementing microprocessor features from datasheets, etc
  • Experience writing control programs for dynamic systems consisting of different interacting elements
  • A strong history of fault finding and debugging in such systems, including using a range of tools and methods in a methodical approach to finding and solving issues, not just with the microprocessor but with the wider physical system
  • Appreciation of development methodologies e.g. TDD, Agile, and willingness to co-develop appropriate internal processes
  • A working knowledge of electrical engineering or physical sciences
  • A rapid, delivery-focused workflow
  • Great team working, communication, self-motivation, customer focus, and organizational skills are a must

Desired Skills

  • An in-depth knowledge of C++ and object-oriented program design
  • Experience developing for an IoT product specifically, including interfacing with APIs, cryptography and security, Ethernet, wireless protocols, etc
  • Knowledge of digital control theory, and/or experience of its implementation
  • An appreciation of functional safety concepts
  • Continuous integration as applied to firmware for devices
  • Git
  • Finger on the pulse of emerging technologies
  • A great GitHub profile


Firmware development: development and deployment of functional improvements for our smart electricity storage device


IoT / Energy Tech / Cleantech / Low Carbon / Manufacturing



Reports to

Technical Director


£40k - £50k, dependent on experience



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