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Powervault is a key element in a ‘passive house’ estate project in Oxfordshire

HeathCo Country Homes is currently building fives sites around middle England. These sites are so energy efficient they will come close to passive house standards by reducing energy bills to about £1000 a year. There are around 30,000 buildings meeting the standards around the world, among which 260 are in the UK. Key energy saving...


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British energy storage company, Powervault, seeks investment from Crowdcube to expand and dominate the UK market

– The UK’s first smart home battery, Powervault , has launched a campaign on Crowdcube for one month with an initial target of £750,000 –  Powervault intends to raise a total of £2.5m-£5m this year from a combination of crowdfunding, High Net Worth and institutional investors. – Powervault, who have already deployed hundreds of storage...



Powervault and Renault give EV Batteries a “Second-Life” in Smart Energy Deal

Renault and Powervault present a home stationary energy battery storage system based on second life electric vehicle batteries. M&S Energy joins customer trial to understand the benefits of Powervault’s smart home battery using Renault Second Life EV batteries London, 5th June 2017  Powervault and Renault today announce a partnership to re-use electric vehicle (EV) batteries in...



Making your energy work for you

Many households have chosen to install solar panels to help them reduce their electricity costs – but what happens when the sun goes down? Mr. Hawley decided to take control of his energy needs and has installed the latest Powervault energy storage in his home. Having installed 4kW of PV in 2015, Mr. Hawley had...



Techworld – “Powervault is transforming domestic energy storage”

The loss of coal and the closure of nuclear power stations could lead electricity demand to exceed supply by 40–55 percent by 2025. Without dramatically improved storage options, it will remain incapable of supporting the maximum levels of demand. Powervault offers a solution. Powervault is disrupting the energy storage market at an opportune time. The...



Powervault Now Available in Spain

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with established installers, Solar In Spain. Solar In Spain is a specialist renewable energy consultancy involved in the design, supply, installation and management of renewable energy systems. They installed their first Powervaults at the start of this year – the first to be installed anywhere is Spain. We look forward...



Bloomberg – “the race for home energy storage heats up”

The race for home energy storage is heating up, as Powervault reduces consumer costs of batteries by 12%, according to Bloomberg. Energy storage is an essential link needed to make intermittent solar and wind energy reliable. When combined with smart meters and digital technologies, batteries can help utilities regulate the grid by providing power reserves which can...



Too much sun? Powervault starts UKPN trial to store excess solar energy

  Powervault started a £625,000 trial in south-east England last month. The project with UK Power Networks involves installing Powervault batteries in 60 homes. The purpose is to enable us to harness more of the solar energy that’s generated during the day, when demand for energy is low, and release it onto the network at the...



Powervault winner unveiled as SPP storage survey uncovers confidence in 2017 market potential

Powervault and Solar Power Portal are delighted to announce the winner of a 4kWh Powervault storage system following a survey which uncovered burgeoning confidence in next year’s UK storage market. In October Powervault partnered with SPP to conduct a survey of the UK market to gain insight from the industry into the development of the nascent energy storage...



A power of good? Smart energy technology explained

Some new energy-efficient technologies are on the verge of delivering real benefits to consumers and companies alike. A Powervault energy storage system that allows homeowners to store the power they generate from solar panels and cut their fuel bills. Smart technology allows companies and households to use energy more efficiently, reducing the need to build...



Leading the charge: How to invest in the nascent, but lucrative, electric power storage sector

One word captures the holy grail for the energy industry: storage. A Carbon Trust report from March found that better energy storage could save £2.4bn a year by 2030 in the UK. If certain regulatory hurdles are overcome, this could rise to £7bn a year. “There is a huge and exciting market ahead” says Joe...



Working with Brixton Energy & Repowering London to install Powervaults in Brixton

In 2013 a group of local people came together to create Brixton Energy Solar 3 (BES3). This project saw the installation of a community-owned 52kWp solar PV system on the deprived Roupell Park Estate in Brixton, London. Powervault, Brixton Energy and Repowering London are working together to apply for funding from M&S Community Energy to install...



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Live in Norwich? Sign up to have a Powervault installed by Job Worth Doing

Job Worth Doing, one of the UK’s leading installers of energy efficient products, has just launched a campaign to help customers in Norwich use their solar energy more efficiently by installing Powervault alongside their existing solar PV systems. This time-limited offer is available now. For details and to register your interest please click the link,...



Final day on Crowdcube as new partnerships confirm Powervault’s market opportunity

As Powervault reaches the final day on Crowdcube – with over £1.4m raised so far – it announces two new partnerships and continued sales progress with existing distributors: Powervault has today (9th June 2016) signed an MOU with Job Worth Doing, a subsidiary of national home energy specialists Entu, to trial targeted deployment of Powervault’s energy...



Invstr: Investing in Renewable Energy

Joe Warren, Powervault’s Manager Director, is interviewed by Invstr about equity investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.



Crowdfunding is giving private investors the opportunity to invest and prosper from cleantech

Signs of the energy transition away from traditional models of centralised energy generation and towards cleaner, more efficient distributed supply and management are everywhere. Just a few days ago Britain generated no electricity from coal for what is believed to be the first time since the 19th century. Financial flows are also shifting as savvy...



Government policy on smart tariffs boosts storage market

Powervault is already experiencing “strong growth” from the market for storage from the 900,000 homes with solar PV, but the confirmation that the market will expand to around 20 million homes in 2017 from the roll-out of half-hourly settlement smart tariffs has raised confidence in the market. The confirmation from government that it intends to provide...



Home energy storage is the driving force of the future

Beyond rockets and high-end electric vehicles, Tesla’s Elon Musk claims the battery will make a far larger impact on this planet than anything else. Not only do these batteries – known as “behind the meter” storage – raise the prospect of reducing households’ electricity costs by optimising the time they receive power, they could cut...



Utility Week: Former SSE boss helps Powervault hit £750k target in seven days

Former SSE chief executive Ian Marchant is among new investors in energy storage company Powervault, which hit its £750,000 funding target just seven days after launch and is now ‘over-funding’. Powervault said it had secured further investment from Green Angel Syndicate – the only specialist cleantech investor in the UK – which has pledged £195,000 through crowdfunding platform Crowdcube....



Powervault Overfunding on Crowdcube

With 18 days to go on our Crowdfunding campaign via Crowdcube, we have already raised over £795,000, 106% of our target. We would like to thank all investors who have pledged their support so far and everyone who has publicised our campaign and ask that everyone keeps up the good work! Powervault has secured further...



New distributor partner extends Powervault reach to the building trade

Its been an exciting couple of weeks here at Powervault with our Crowdcube investment round in full swing and our new product selling really well! Our business development manager Charlie Vey joined the company in September last year and has consistently beat his sales targets, with April being a whopping +200% over budget. Charlie also...



Right team, right place, right time

We headed down to the Energy Storage Summit at Twickenham on the 28th to find out what the rest of the industry is up to and how our business compares. Over 150 companies attended from across the industry. Here are some of the key insights and why we came away convinced that we are in...



Crowdfund Insider: Powervault Returns to Crowdcube

Earlier this week, UK-based Powervault launched a Crowdcube campaign to raise £750,000 for its already award-winning home energy storage product. This initiative comes nearly two years after the company secured £150,000 on the equity crowdfunding portal… Read full story on crowdfundinsider.com



CleanTechnica: Powervault Launches New Home Energy Storage Range

British energy storage start-up Powervault has launched its new range of home energy storage, which is equipped to help save consumers billions of pounds in energy bills. Headquartered in London, Powervault bills itself as manufacturing the country’s “first fully-integrated solar energy storage system for the home.” The start-up, which started back in 2012, announced on Wednesday the...



New products and partnerships open up £1m investment opportunity

Powervault today launches its new home energy storage range equipped for the smart power revolution, a transformation of our energy system forecast to save consumers billions of pounds.



CTBR: Powervault launches new energy storage systems in UK

UK technology start-up Powervault has launched the second-generation of its energy storage systems. The systems will enable householders to access newly introduced smart tariffs by automatically storing energy when it is cheap for use at times of peak demand. They will also offer an emergency power socket that operates required equipment during blackouts. The systems...



Utility Week: Powervault gears up for smart meter rollout with new storage system

Domestic energy storage company Powervault has launched the second generation of its energy storage system, to prepare for the introduction of smart tariffs. Powervault said the new system will extend the benefits of cheap power already experienced by customers with solar PV and economy 7 tariffs by automatically charging when power is cheap and storing...



businessGreen: Powervault incorporates smart tariffs into new home energy storage units

British clean tech start-up Powervault has today unveiled the second generation of its home energy storage unit. The latest version of the technology, which is available from today, will allow householders… Read full story on businessgreen.com (subscription required)


Powervault wiring

PV Magazine: Second-generation Powervault energy storage systems launched in the UK

The new product range, with enhanced features, has been launched at the same time as a Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign offering the opportunity to invest in the company as the storage market is expected to grow exponentially. Read full story on pv-magazine.com



This big battery could cut your energy bills by 70%

Domestic energy storage products will likely become as common as a dishwasher or washing machine. Green energy stored in products like Powervault will disrupt traditional energy supply chains and enable consumers to cut their electricity bills by up to 70%. Electricity and gas demand have been falling, incrementally, for the past five years owing to more efficient household...



How Powervault’s home energy storage system could boost UK’s embattled solar industry

Powervault was awarded ‘Solar Innovation of the Year’ and ‘Innovator of the Year – Company’ at the BusinessGreen Technology Awards 2015. With many energy storage technologies still in their infancy, Powervault’s vision offers an insight into what an effective renewables-based energy system may look like. For providing such an elegant yet simple way of supporting the...



The innovators: how smaller batteries give more power to UK solar households

Powervault reduces home owners’ electricity bills by enabling them to store solar energy during the day, when they are out of the home, and use it in the evening, when they return. We have designed Powervault to be as cheap and effective as possible and to fully charge and discharge once every 24 hours. “Powervault, Tesla and...



Can a £2,500 ‘solar box’ power our house at night?

Powervault is designed to store excess solar energy during the day so that home owners can use it when they need it in the evening. Home owners will still benefit fully from their Government-backed generation and feed-in tariffs when Powervault is installed but will start to notice a substantial reduction in their electricity bills. “The boxes...



UK solar start-up powers up to take on Tesla’s home battery

It is the British answer to electric car maker Tesla’s graceful wall-mounted home battery: a chunky power storage unit that slides under the kitchen worktop next to the washing machine. Powervault captures and uses surplus electricity generated by domestic solar panels and is designed to be cheaper and more practical than anything else on the...